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CheeseHead Choppers offers custom illustration services.

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The big cheese riding the CheeseHead Choppers motorcycle in New Lisbon Wisconsin 53950.

We invite you on a fantastic journey through the art and the world of motorcycles, muscle cars, hot rods and the motor heads that love these machines. Set back and prepare yourself for an old fashioned - eye popping collection of old school extreme muscle car and motorcycle cartoons.

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Let CheeseHead Choppers design a custom illustration or cartoon for your business needs. We can create a character or cartoon to match your real personality.

Custom illustration needs are growing due to the economy's demand for new products and services. We have the ability to define your product so that no one ever forgets the character and image of you product or service. Call us today and we will discuss with you what type of illustration will make your business stand apart from the rest.

" I am the first son of two very artistic people.  A child of the 60's and 70's, my art was influenced by artists of these years.  Formed in an environment, that had no limits.  The fences, that had retained, artistic freedom had been destroyed.  Like a wild horse, let free.  Artists were set loose, racing forward sometimes with out control.  The boundaries of expression were shattered.  It was by the times and by the hand of God.  My love, my passion for custom bikes and car illustration was born - CheeseHead Choppers a company dedicated to custom cars, bikes, and art.  Born from the freedoms of days gone by - now reborn.

We here at CheeseHead Choppers, hope you will join us, hope you will ride with us, on the tidal wave giving birth to a legend. "
-----Warren B. Hayes


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The Muscle car art & Motorcycle Cartoons blog has loads of crazy muscle car cartoons and motorcycle cartoon art.
We also have the Free Cheese Press - Political Cartoon Satire Blog filled with interesting Political Satire cartoons and illustrations.

A real rider biker art cartoon blog.
Muscle Car & Motorcycle Art Blog

Political satire cartoon blog
Political Satire Blog

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